Noise cancelling sleep headphones

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Material : The whole earphone is made of liquid silica gel with silky touch. The inner core is made of pure copper and customized wire to ensure non-destructive sound transmission without delay.

Light weight : The integrated light weight body reduces the feeling of wearing weight. Small headset design can reduce the pressure of the ear cavity when you sleep. Metal-plated oblique insert pin for easy pulling out.

Double layer : It has double layers, the inner layer fits the inner ear canal to transport music and the outer layer fits the external ear canal to isolate noise. It can reduce physical noise and improve the low frequency.

Bio-diaphragm : Tough and ultra-thin graphene diaphragm can provide stronger resolution for sound which helps relax nerves. Pure copper cavity horn stabilizes the low frequency of the dive, better promoting sleep.

Highly sensitive microphone :It can call clearly and reduce noise. Multi-function key design and small key integrated multi-function instruction.