Invisible bluetooth headset

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Lossless sound quality : It uses three layers of composite diaphragm.Octa-core speakers makes you feel like at the scene. The transmission is faster, the sound and picture synchronization does not stick to connect unceasingly.

Delicate and small : The small body diameter is only 17mm, weight is only 2.7g. Not only small ears are comfortable, but also big ears are stable enough. No swelling and pain in the ear and no pain in sleeping.

Noise isolation : Physical sound insulation and noise reduction system can reduce the noise.It closes to the auricle and effective noise reduction, eliminate leakage.

Super battery life : Small body does not consume power, charging 1.5 hours with the battery compartment can stand by for 360 hours.

One second pairing : When the headset is taken out, it will be connected in one second, and then it will be turned off in an instant. It will be connected continuously and stably with zero delay.

Easy to carry : It can be matched silica gel wristband, it is more convenient to wear hand movement. Go out and wear it with you.