Bluetooth headset

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Powerful moving coil : The earphone adopts 13mm strong moving coil to wake up the surging sound quality. Improve high frequency smoothness, clear and natural voice, more penetrating sound quality.

Pairing in seconds : Say goodbye to the tedious operation and it will be paired when you pick it up. It will automatically remember to connect the phone. It  can automatically shut down and charge it when you store it.

Sound insulation :  It can intelligent detect of external noise and effectively reduce environmental noise.It can shield 95 percent of the noise.

Upgrade chip : Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 connection is more stable. Anti-interference is not afraid of people on many occasions and the sound quality is more accurate.

Intelligent operation : The groove has a built-in touch panel, so you can control the earphone with a light touch. Large capacity portable charging compartment can supply continuous music.