Fisherman's hat to shade the sun

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360-degree sunscreen : According to the human body engineering to design the product, 360-degree fit head circumference to protect your head from the sun damage. UPF50+ coefficient is good UV resistance that can prevent sunburn.

180 degrees of air permeability : The top of the cap has a breathable mesh cloth, the water quickly absorbed after drying and keep a fresh environment. It circulates with the outside air to accelerate heat dissipation.

Circular button : Both sides of the visor are equipped with circular button design, which can remove the rear cover edge at any time and the rear cover can be easily removed.

Windbreak rope design : The hat design has windbreak rope. You can not have to worry about being blown away by the wind and it can be adjusted freely.

breathable mask : There is a breathable mesh cover in the middle of the hat mask, which is easy to breathe and prevents dust from entering the mouth and nose. It can also protect the neck from direct sun and wind and sand.