The Snake bracelet

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Product parameters : It is suitable for hand circumference of 14cm to 18cm, the surface width is 5mm. The inner diameter is 6.5cm long and 5.5cm wide and the size can not be adjusted.

Material : The bracelet is made of high quality titanium steel quality with metallic luster and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of steel which is harmless to human body. It is suitable for long time wearing and not easy to deform.

Fine Processing : Every detail is hand-crafted and exquisite processing. It goes through casting, grinding, polishing and other multiple processes.The black and white zircon is inlaid by hand, only to adhere to the details.

Design Idea : The mysterious snake symbolizes eternity and prosperity in ancient Egypt. Snake is as the representative symbol of magic and mysterious symbolism. It implies the eternal prosperity and mystery of love.

Open and close : Openable wearing mode, don't worry about not being able to wear and take off.