Folded silica gel cup

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Parameter : The expanded size of the cup is 8*10cm, and the folded size is 8.5*2.5cm. It weighs about 75g.

Material : The cup body is made of silica gel and the cup mouth is made of stainless steel. It is harmless to human body and environmental health.It is for your health escort when you go out.

Craftsmanship to create : It takes 180 days through the design, mold, proofing, trimming, stamping and other 11 processes. It is cared to every detail.

Reasonable design : Ergonomic design has 6cm grip which is stable and comfortable. The shaking place is thick , anti-hot and caring hands. It is integrated and no dirt hidden, easy to clean without dead corners.

Large capacity :The cup is the size of your hand after folding, but the capacity can reach 320ml is easily meeting the drinking demand.

Easy to fold : It has 8 layers of folding and uses excellent NUMERICAL control process. It is simple to add texture. Double clap with your hands to make folding more fun, faster and smoother.