Outdoor jumpsuit

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Product parameters : The size of the belt waist ring is 50 to 124cm, the size of the ankle ring is 40 to 77cm, and its weight is 480g. The rope is 10.5mm in diameter and weighs 75g per meter.

Safety belt : The polyester reinforced silk material is more corrosion-resistant which is focused on reasonable design and more uniform hand. Metal adjusting buckle can be adjusted according to the needs of the size.

Speed reduction rope : Using polyester reinforced silk material goes through professional equipment by 8 strong dupont wire twisted into the inner core.The outer twist double strand skin is more wear-resistant.

Descender : The descender is made of hot-forged aluminum magnesium alloy which is not easy to deform. The maximum pull force of 8-ring descender is 35KN, and the maximum pull force of ATC descender is 25KN.

Main lock : It uses alloy steel material and cadmium plated outer layer. It is good corrosion resistance and higher tension. Long wheelbase tensile force up to 25KN, opening tensile force of 8KN is high safety factor.

Tactical gloves : Nylon and microfiber are used, the palm is designed with silica gel anti-skid particles .The gloves are anti-skid and wear-resistant.