Mountaineering bag

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Product parameters :The size of 35 L backpack is 32*23*52cm, its weight is 1.3kg. The size of 50 L backpack is 34*26*58cm, its weight is 1.4kg.

Material : The backpack is made of waterproof nylon wear-resistant fabric. The material is more light and reduces the load.It can reduce the weight without reducing the quality which is more durable.

Breathable : The backpack's external bearing support forms a 3D breathable and heat dissipation circulation space between the backpack and the human back.It is very effective in relieving the feeling of sweating.

Uniform force : The weight after loading is distributed to the shoulder, back and crotch. It can eliminate the ordinary backpack after the weight of the strong shoulder pain and after falling feeling. It is more comfortable.

Quality assurance : The zipper uses SBS brand zipper and pulls more smoothly. The buckle uses metal fastener and the quality is guaranteed for a long time.