Sucker car bracket

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Product parameters : It is suitable for 4.7 inches to 7.2 inches of equipment, the size of product is 140*92*75mm, its weight is 200g.

Streamline design : It uses a waterfall streamline design which fits the line of the instrument panel.It can integrate with the interior, does not block the line of sight.

Double increase stability : It can increase the sucker and the adsorption contact area. Add glue to the surface of the sucker to make it stable and not falling. Press the vacuum to exhaust, the sucker fits more tightly and firmly.

Firm arm clip : It has telescopic press arm clip and gear locking structure, It firmly fixes mobile phone and easy to deal with bumps and sharp turns.

Innovation disk : Internal structure adds rotating parts and open the cover can be adjusted without repeated disassembly and assembly. It is not only shock absorption, but also more exquisite and beautiful.

Multi-angle adjustment : The rise and fall can be adjusted.The strong damping rotating shaft is quiet adjustment.