Snoopy car mobile phone holder

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Product parameters : The size of the support is 11*10*7.5cm,it is suitable for 4.0-6.5 inches mobile phone.

Material : It uses ABS environmental protection material, the plug is made of silicone material which is more durable. Snoopy moon landing 50 years pattern, appearance level is outstanding.

Do not block : It does not block the vision and simple operation that makes driving process is safer. One-hand can operate and it is easy to charge.

Easy installation : Upgrade the silicone plug is easy to install and more quiet, plug and play firmly without extra steps.

Multi-angle adjustment : It can rotate 360 degrees and Angle of view can be adjusted.It is more convenient to view.

Gravity linkage : The structure is exquisite and it is gravity linkage. A put on the lock and a take on the release which is convenient to take.