Magnetic suction vehicle bracket

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Flexible base : The base has soft side bending design of the base is not selected. It can be adjusted freely according to the radian of the center console and can stick to the arc surface.

Angle is optional : The upgraded nut is used with inner ball head silica gel to realize multi-angle ,non-caton rotation and three-dimensional rotation.

No disturbance signal : It uses four neodymium high magnetic field scientific arrangement to form a closed magnetic field, magnetic force is stable without leakage.

Easy installation : Place the patch in the middle of the back of the mobile phone and ensure that the patch is in the middle.The bracket can be adsorbed after the installation.

Super adhesive tape : The transparent adhesive is used for hard plastic and smooth surface.The special 3M adhesive is used for leather material, which is more viscous.

Skin-friendly silica gel : The magnetic suction surface comprehensively covers skin-friendly silica gel surface. It is anti-skid and stable adsorption. It does not damage the shell of the mobile phone.