Car seat back bracket

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Product parameters : The size of product is 175*118*75mm, the applicable size range of the equipment is 4-12 inches. The diameter of the applicable chair back bar is less than or equal to 14mm and its weight is 320g.

Material : The main body of the product is made of ABS material, which is stronger and environmentally friendly. The protective pads and screws are made of PC soft silica gel and aluminum alloy.

Easy clamping : The product is built in a high elastic stretch spring, easy clamping mobile phone and tablet. The contact part is provided with silicone soft cushion to prevent skid which protects the force surface.

Three-stage design : The three-stage design is adopted. The buckle is made of the metal rod of the headrest, which is fully fitted and has stronger stability. Three adjustable range is 90-360mm and comfortable to watch the play.

Multi-angle rotation : It can rotate 360 degrees and the Angle is more flexible. It reserves charging port, watch while charging, so that you can enjoy the happy time in the car.