Vehicle table board

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Product parameters : The size of the tray table is 350*235mm+175*220mm. The size of cell phone hanging bag is 245*140mm, the size of headrest lever hook is 97*29mm, the size of steering wheel hook is 106*64mm.

Material : The table is made of ABS environmental protection material, it is harmless to human body. Using injection molding and color printing process can be washed without fading.

Two kinds of hooks : Two pairs of hooks are attached, one is the pillow lever hook can make the dining table more stable. The other is used for the steering wheel. It can be used anytime and anywhere, whether for work or entertainment.

Hidden drawer : There are small drawers at the bottom of the tray table to extend the use area of the tray table. Draw in and out anytime and anywhere, it is more convenient to use.

Strong bearing : The triangle aluminum alloy bracket fixes in the back of the chair rod and does not hurt the car chair. The triangle structure is more stable, strong load-bearing capacity and the weight is not deformed.

Foldable : The tray table can be folded and stood up when not in use, which does not interfere with getting on and off the cars and does not occupy space.