Vehicle plate bracket

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Product parameters : The size of the product after folding is 8cm. The clip range is 12-20cm.

Material : It uses aviation alloy beam which is easy and stable. Five teeth precision rotating shaft and rotates more smoothly.

Easy clamping : The product is built in a high elastic stretch spring. The contact part is provided with silicone soft cushion to prevent skid, which protects the force surface from being scratched and does not fall.

Three-stage design : The three-stage design is adopted. The buckle is made of the metal rod of the headrest, which is fully fitted and has stronger stability. Three adjustable range is 8-25cm and comfortable to watch the play.

Multi-angle rotation : It can rotate 360 degrees and the Angle is more flexible. It reserves charging port, watch while charging, so that you can enjoy the happy time in the car.