Bean sprouts machine

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Product parameters : The diameter of bean sprout machine is 26cm, the height is 33cm. The constant temperature power is 20W.

Material : The whole body is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic PP material. It is food grade safety, green and pollution-free. It is more reliable and safer.

Pressurization technology : Using pressure plate pressurization design and the resistance of plants. layer upon layer of pressure makes the bean sprouts grow more fat and crisp. The sprouts produced by pressurized technology contain more water and taste sweeter.

Green planting : You can eat green fresh bean sprouts at home, and enjoy the joy of green cultivation with your family. Healthy buds and green culture make  life more interesting.

Automatic water cycle : Automatic water cycle system can maintain water activity and reduce water loss. The water and oxygen supply at the same time which can provide natural warm clothing for bean sprouts.

Intelligent constant temperature : Microcomputer continuously controls the temperature keep 23-28 degrees suitable for growth. The bean sprouts can get full germination. Using PTC heating mode is less power consumption.