Couple Bracelets

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  • $169-269
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Parameters】 : The surface width of the bracelet is 5mm and the hand circumference is 13cm to 18cm.

Material】 : The bracelets is made of high quality titanium steel quality with metallic luster and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of steel which is harmless to human body and suitable for long time wearing.

Processing】 : Every detail is hand-crafted and exquisite processing. It goes through casting, grinding, polishing and other multiple processes, only to adhere to the details.

Design】 : Embrace the present. If you do not cherish today, there will be no tomorrow. That is the meaning of the word " FUCK THE TOMORROW " engraved on the bracelet. Cherish the present person, this is the attitude towards love, also the attitude towards life.

Wear Method】 : The bracelet is a C-shaped opening and the size can be adjusted to the most comfortable size by pressing. It is easy to wear.