Safety glasses

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Product parameters】 : The size of the protective glasses is 18*8cm and its weight is 107g.

High-quality materials】 : Lenses and frames are selected with new PC particles, in order to ensure the overall strength of the structure of the stringent screening of safer and durable materials. 1.7mm thick PC particles can withstand high-speed particle impact.

Efficient breathable】 : The protective mirror is equipped with 8 air vents to meet the requirements of GB breathable. It can make the air circulate and flow to reduce the humidity and temperature of sponge, and make it more comfortable to wear.

Multi-layer process】 : It was built by a 10-year veteran. The high-speed cloth wheel went through three process grinding. It has bright surface and smooth lines. The uniform smooth paint surface can reflect the spirit of the craftsman.

Sealing comfort】 : It adopts ergonomic design with sufficient ergonomic research. According to the survey results, the unsealed place should be dealt with accordingly. Full CNC system with adjustable belt is more comfortable.