Sports pockets

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Light and portable】: This product is very light in weight to ensure that you will not be subjected to any extra burden while exercising.

Quality material】:This product uses nylon waterproof fabric, which can not only effectively prevent the erosion of sweat and rain, but also has the characteristics of wear resistance.

Super capacity】: This product is divided into main bag and auxiliary bag. It can be stored mobile phone, keys, change and all kinds of cards. Two pockets are zipper closed design to prevent the loss of items.

Cool fashion】:This belt is equipped with reflective strip, and it uses high-end reflective materials, not only for night sports to provide safety, but also add cool fashion sense of technology.

Comfortable and breathable】: Breathable mesh material is used in the inner part of the belt, which can increase friction, enhance stability and make movement easier while preventing sweat and breathable.