Marine vest

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High quality material】: The main fabric of this product is 100% polyester fiber and the inner foam layer is 100% polyethylene, which guarantees the safety to the greatest extent while protecting the environment.

Comfortable and close-fitting】: This product is tightly stitched inside. It will not bruise the body. At the same time, this product adopts the design of thigh belt to reduce the burden on the body.

Extensive use】: This product is suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as: kayaking, paddle board, dragon boat, sailing or water fishing.

Security】: This product is fixed with three buckles to ensure that it will not fall off in the water. It can provide you with 50 N of buoyancy in the water to ensure the maximum safety.

Remarks】:This product is suitable for children and adults who can swim. It only plays an auxiliary role in water and cannot be used as a professional life jacket.