Garage Kit of Slamdunk

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  • $199-309
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Product parameters】: The height of individual Garage Kit is 10cm, and the size of the display box is 35*15*18cm.

Preferred material】: The material of Garage Kit is made of PVC environmental protection material. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It is harmless to human body and more health.

Exquisite characters】: The Garage Kit is exquisite production with high definition. It highly restores the image of anime with clear angular. It is vivid, lovely and rich texture.

Transparent display box】: The display box is made of transparent acrylic material which is more durable and non-breakable than glass material. The definition is also higher. You only simple wipe when cleaning.

Lighting design】: There is a light box on the top of the display box. The character image is more three-dimensional when opening the light. And the display is more atmosphere.